16 February 2011

..::Product Review::.. Eat.Think.Smile Snacks!

My Review of Eat.Think.Smile. Snacks

What is it exactly?

From the website . . . 
"...No longer does one have to sacrifice taste to eat something that is good for them.  Eat.Think.Smile.™ snacks are a new line of cocoa-based products that offer wholesome ingredients and deliver more antioxidant power than a cup of green tea in every serving without compromising an ounce on taste. 

The secret ingredient in Eat.Think.Smile.™ Chewy Granola Bars, Baked Nutrition Bars, Granola Clusters and Crispy Thins is a proprietary blend of premium cocoa, combined with sweet and savory all-natural ingredients like whole grain oats, fruits and nuts.  Satisfying the mind, body and soul, consumers can snack positive with the new Eat.Think.Smile.™ line.

The cocoa used in Eat.Think.Smile.TM products is a proprietary blend of natural cocoa that includes cocoa Lavado – a premium variety that retains the cocoa’s natural antioxidant power, because it is naturally washed and dried in the sun.  In comparison, many cocoas are treated with an alkalizing agent that further reduces the natural antioxidants inherent in cocoa, known as “ducting.”..."


I’ve recently had the pleasure of reviewing the Eat. Think. Smile. Snacks!  Please read on . . .

Packaging & Presentation

I was sent a package filled with delicious snacks to review. 

Inside, there were:
  • 2 bags of Granola Clusters (Cranberry Walnut & Cinnamon Almond)
  • 2 bags of Crispy Thins (Red Raspberry & Sweet Cinnamon)
  • 2 Chewy Granola Bars (Honey Peanut & Mixed Berry)
  • 2 Baked Nutrition Bars (Oatmeal Raisin & Dark Cherry)

What I really like about the packaging, is the name alone.  When you walk into the store, the name “Eat.Think.Smile.” stands right out.  Here is the company’s take on the name:

Eat- Because now it’s easier than ever to enjoy snacks that are natural, wholesome and absolutely delicious.

Think- Because you’re only given one body, one mind and one spirit.

Smile- Because you’re making smart choices for yourself, inside and out.

Ease of Use

Everybody in my house loves cocoa, in any way, shape, or form!
We were really excited to review the Eat.Think.Smile. snack line, because it is composed of the amazing natural antioxidant power of cocoa!

My 2 year old son really enjoyed eating the Mixed Berry chewy granola bar. 

My husband really enjoyed the Honey Peanut Chew Granola Bar, and the Cranberry Walnut Granola Clusters.

My personal favorite from the products I was sent was the Sweet Cinnamon Crispy Thins.

Here is a picture of them in my hand:

What I really like about them is this:

As you can see, you can eat 46 pieces, and you won’t feel guilty!!

Another point that I want to make is that you can look at the ingredients in all of their products, and be able to understand exactly what is put into the food.  It’s incredible! 


  • Delicious blend of natural cocoas with antioxidant powder
  • Guilt-Free snack
  • Satisfies your hunger
  • Kids and Adults both LOVE it!
  • Easy to transport, as the bags can reseal.
  • Fresh & simple


Our society is changing.  We no longer want epic portions, or crazed chemically enhanced food.  Everybody is now focusing on organic, natural products.  Why?  That is where our roots are.  Living a healthy life leads to more benefits in the long run.  Eat. Think. Smile. snacks has given us the opportunity to rid ourselves of those ‘bad snacking habits’ and jump into a world filled with delicious snacking alternatives, complete with antioxidants.  The best part of all of this- the taste, of course, is NOT sacrificed!!  The prices are also great! I’d say the average price is around $3.00.  A whole bag of guilt free, cocoa based snacks for cheaper than a #1 at McD’s. 

I would also like to mention that the lead Nutrition Scientist for Eat. Think. Smile. snacks is Dr. Amy Preston.  She is the Senior Nutrition Scientist for The Hershey Company! She is a very educated woman, that has received numerous awards and honors.  She works with the science and research behind the products, and can fully explain the health benefits of natural cocoa!

Eat. Think. Smile snacks can be found at Lowe’s Food Stores!

Please visit Eat. Think. Smile. on:

DISCLAIMER:  I was not compensated for this post, I received a free sample of the product and wrote my review based off of the sample.  The opinions stated above are mine, and mine alone!

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