10 February 2011

A Little Personal Note. . .

I know I haven't been around here like I usually am!

I've hit another stretch of "OH MY GOODNESS!"

I love life, don't get me wrong.  But things turned out pretty ugly today.

It's 0036, and I can't sleep.  I am supposed to have drill STARTING at 0545, so that means I have to be up at 0415, showered and dressed.  UGH.  With the snow, I am hoping that it is cancelled, so maybe I can sleep in a bit, and concentrate on my Physics homework.

Oh jeez.  That brings me to a whole new level.  Physics.  Oh, the subject from HELL.

I got my first test back yesterday.  First, let me say something.  First tests make or break you.  It's kind of like getting to know the professor and how they handle the subject matter.

This Physics test was NO JOKE.  I failed miserably.  I got a 42%.  Well, on a good note, most of the class got a 42%.  The professor stated that 42% was the 'magical number' for the class.  Don't you think that says something of the professor when more than 3/4 of the class fails!?

On an even better note (no sarcasm intended!) I feel a heck of a lot better walking out of that class knowing that I learned 42% more about Physics than I had before I took the class. Optimism always works!

I have my first Accounting test on Monday, and a Calculus test soon to follow.  Is it sad that I actually LIKE & understand Calculus??! I really, really like Accounting, maybe I should try for a degree in accounting!

Enough about school (needed to get that off my mind!)

Husband is doing well, he's off of work for the next couple days.  He sold all of snakes today (he had 30 of them!), he's a bit depressed about that.

Charlie decided it would be fun to spray the dog with nothing less that Dog Repellant Spray.  I thought we were going through chemical warfare!

Thanks for listening, everybody!  LET IT SNOW, I need the day off!  =]

Disclaimer:  This is a sponsored post from Online Accounting Degree.  All opinions stated are my own!

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Anne Brooks said...

I know it will get better. You are so smart. Maybe its just the one test. You are a wife and mother and you have a home to take care of. Its so hard going to school with all that. You will be fine. Just dont beat yourself up over the test score. That will make it worse.