22 January 2011

..::Product Review::.. Clean Flame Fire Logs

My Review of Clean Flame Fire Logs

What is it exactly?

From the Clean Flame website . . .

"...Welcome to CleanFlame™, creators of safe, family-friendly, 100% recycled products that deliver enchanted firelit evenings, toasty campfire experiences, and outdoor cooking fun—all while safeguarding the environment. We re-purpose used waxed-box containers into ultra-clean burning firelogs and firestarters which save trees, relieve overburdened landfills, and clean up the air.

Using CleanFlame™ products, you can have peace of mind knowing your cozy fire does not pollute our air, strip our forests, deplete our resources, or impact delicate rainforest ecosystems. No trees are sacrificed, no non-renewable resources consumed, no palm oil harvested for CleanFlame™ products. In fact, by using our products you are preserving forests and reducing landfills.

We take pride in helping families create lifelong memories while keeping their children and their environment safe..."


I’ve recently had the pleasure of reviewing Clean Flame Fire Logs.  Please read on. . .

Packaging & Presentation

Clean Flame Fire Logs came to me wrapped up, and with an instruction sheet.  The sheet was very informative, allowing me to see the difference between Natural wood, Major Manufactured FireLog brands, and Clean Flame itself.  It also provided a really neat FAQ sheet!

Ease of Use

Clean Flame Fire Logs are really easy to use! 

  • First, you must lightly tap each end of the log on the ground.
  • Next, you loosen the firelog wrapper by gently pulling on the seams without tearing it.
  • Now, you turn the log, so the wrapper seam is facing directly up.
  • Finally, you light the Firelog wrapper at both ends below the arrows.

We followed the directions perfectly.  We started the fire at 2130, and it lasted well throughout the night! 

Everybody was really impressed on the heat that the Clean Flame Fire Log produced!  We had so much fun sitting around the fireplace all night, enjoying the beautiful fire.

There was a little chart on the information sheet, I really found it interesting!  It compared the advantages of using Clean Flame compared to other common methods. 
Clean Flame is safer for your family, safer for the environment, and more convenient for you!
Please click Clean Flame to see the chart for yourself!

Pros / Cons

There are so many pros to Clean Flame Fire Logs.  Here are some of my favorites:
- Clean enough to cook over
- Safe to poke, stir, or stack for bigger flame
- 100% recycled materials
- Reduces Landfill waste
- Zero Rainforest Impact
- Burns for hours without tending
- Lights Easily in any weather

- Absolutely none!


Clean Flame Fire Logs are one of my new favorite products.  I’m so glad that I was presented the opportunity to review them.  We had a great time with such a safe product! I love everything about it!!  Especially how it reduces Carbon Footprint!! Next time you are going to have a fire, please consider purchasing Clean Flame for your pleasure and the safety of our environment!

Total Stars 5/ 5

Please visit Clean Flame Fire Logs on:

DISCLAIMER:  I was not compensated for this post, I received a free sample of the product and wrote my review based off of the sample.  The opinions stated above are mine, and mine alone!


Anonymous said...

Using a Clean Flame log nearly BURNED MY HOUSE DOWN, so I feel compelled to spread the word to warn people. While I appreciate how green it is to use corrugated cardboard for your log, the issue that no reviewer seems to address is that after the log has burned for some time, the internal wax melts to the point that the log loses structural integrity and fractures.

I have tested 3 different Clean Flame logs from different boxes to be sure, and each one has eventually shattered, spilling flaming chunks of material both inside and (more frighteningly) OUTSIDE the fireplace. If I had not been there to witness the flaming material spilling up to a foot away from my fireplace, threatening to catch other possessions on fire, it could have been disastrous.

Even the pieces of log that remained in the fireplace were dangerous. Because it broke into so many pieces, far more of the flammable material was exposed to air than is intended at one time, and there was a lot of surface area to allow for oxygen to flow. The result was a massive, roaring fire inside the fire place that grew to the point that flames could be seen SHOOTING FROM THE TOP OF MY CHIMNEY. Needless to say, these logs are a hazard.

The worst part is, the logs don't even light well in the first place. Even following the directions perfectly, the wrapper alone just isn't enough to get them started. You slave for 15 minutes trying to get the stupid thing to light, and when it finally does, it bursts and spills flaming wreckage around your house.


Anonymous said...

This is the best log ever. It does light quickly and easily and stayed lit the longest out of all the logs I've used. Use a standard fire screen and its as safe as any other log on the market. You can cook food over it. That says it all!!

Anonymous said...

We bought a couple boxes at Costco and have tried 3 logs. We followed the instructions but they take forever to get the fire going. I don't like waiting an hour for the log to "catch". We're going to return them.

Ann Catherine Keirns said...

I very much appreciate Clean Flame logs. I have only a wood-burning stove for heat in my studio in the hills. It can get pretty chilly when the temperatures drop. Clean Flame burns hot and easily so my place heats up really quickly and stays warm for the time I'm up after I get home from work. I usually put on Clean Flame on top of two wood logs and I'm good to go all night!

Lisa said...

I always wanted a fire place.

Carol Albrecht said...

I tried the Clean Flame firelog 4 nights ago and we can still smell it in our house! We followed the instructions exactly (I use similar logs a lot). The log never really caught fire - just a tiny flame at each end that went out after about an hour. I poked at the log and tried blowing on it but it wouldn't ignite. It just smoked. After a few hours I went to bed. When I got up in the morning my house STUNK! I decided to clean out the fireplace, and when I went to scoop up the log it began billowing smoke! I had to walk thru the house with the smoke billowing from the log to get it outside! Once outside it started smoking so much that I was afraid a neighbor might call the fire department! I doused it with water but it wouldn't stop smoking! I had to fill a large bowl with water and submerge the smoking log in the water for it to finally stop smoking. The smell in my house from that damn log was SO BAD that it made my eyes burn and made me nauseous! What the heck is that thing made of?? Today - 4 days later - I can STILL smell it! I'll gladly pay the extra money for the CrackleFlame logs.

Anonymous said...

i have used pieces of the clean flame log simply to light my seasoned firewood and today i detect the smell of wax. i feel like opening both doors to air the house out has anyone else had this issue/