29 January 2011

I am Blessed.

Hey, all.

It's been one of those weeks for me.  

I've been pretty stressed out, because the program that I am in for the Navy (STA-21) requires that I get my full bachelors degree within a 36 month timeframe, including Calc 211 and  212, and Physics 231N, and 232N. (Navy Requirements that don't go towards my degree).  I chose to get my degree in Decision Science (Basically, Business Statistics).  I love that stuff.  However, I don't think I can complete it in 36 months.

If I don't have my bachelors in 36 months, I get sent back to the fleet as enlisted for another 6 years, and I have to pay back ALL the money that the Navy has given me for school. (NOT CHEAP!)

SO. . .

Here is the good news!

I was a prior Sonar Technician in my enlisted time.  I went through lots of Oceanography schooling for that!

I looked at the Degree Plan for a bachelors in Oceanography, and I have the entire core done, because it transfers from my Navy Education.

The required (2) Calculus classes and (2) Physics classes actually go towards my degree!

I did the math, and I can complete my bachelors in 2.5 semesters!!  

Do you know how excited I am?  I feel like something is going right for me, and somebody has answered my prayers.  =]

Luckily, I am done with the core oceanography parts, because it is really hard.  I am a great student, and I really have been blessed.

Thanks for listening, everybody.  I know this probably isn't very interesting to you, but it feels great to get that off my chest!!

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