18 January 2011

Daily Mailbox!

WOWZA!  I had the best day for mail today. . .
Let me explain. . .

(2) Boxes of KIX Cereal (Giveaway win!)
(1) HUGE puzzle (Giveaway win!)
(1) Baby Rattle Toy (Giveaway win!)
(1) Sippy Cup (Giveaway win!)
(1) Cereal Holder (Giveaway win!)
(1) Tropical Traditions Organic Raw Honey (Giveaway win!)
(1) Sex Kitten Wicked Candle (Giveaway win!)
(1) Naughty Girl Body Wash (Giveaway win!)
(1) Kama Sutra Kit (Giveaway win!)
(2) Affordable Scarves (Giveaway win!)
(1) Purex Crystals (Future Product Review!)
(5) Chocreate Bars.  One is missing in the picture because I ate it! (Giveaway win!)
(1) God's Special Gift DVD (Giveaway win!)
(1) Slim Fast Bar from Sam's Club (Free Sample!)
(1) Fundamental Accounting Principles Textbook (FREE from Neebo! I needed it, too!!)
(1) $5 Starbucks Gift Card (I paid $1 for it!)
(1) Gucci perfume sample (Free Sample)
(1) Commissary Coupon Book
(1) Best Buy Coupon Book
(1) Paper saying I am part of a Class Action Law Suit. (I still have to read this!)

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