10 January 2011

Daily Mailbox!

Sorry the picture isn't great quality! I'm charging my digital camera, so I had to rely on the ol' phone!

Anyways, here is what the magical mail lady brought for me today:

(1) Set of John Frieda Collection Sheer Blonde Shampoo/Conditioner sample
(2) Nozin Nasal Sanitizer (Giveaway Win, thanks Pink Dandy!)
(1) Sample of Pink Dandy Whipped Satin Luxury Cream
(1) December/ January 2011 Working Mother Magazine
(1) Charlie's Kodak Picture Book (Paid $1.99 for it!!)
(1) $5.00 Check for filling out a survey
(2) Marlboro Coupons for Hubs.

Did you get anything good?

1 comment:

Trey said...

Your so adorable.