30 November 2010

..::Product Reveiew::.. Crazy Dog T-Shirts!

I was recently selected to do a product review on Crazy Dog T-shirts.  I must say that when I got to choose which shirts I would be reviewing, it was a hard decision!  There are so many to choose from.  I finally settled on the Big Boy and the Oregon Trail t-shirts.

Packaging & Presentation
When the t-shirts arrived, I was pretty excited!  They came in a plastic envelope, nothing too sturdy.  They really were not wrapped for presentation, however, I think that if you specified that you were giving it as a gift or something it may come in a box.  The t-shirts themselves were folded and were a little creased from the shipping, and I needed to throw it in the dryer before I wore it to reduce the creases.

Ease of Use
T-shirts are obviously very easy to use, so let me discuss the wear, durability, how it washes, and compliments.  I wore the t-shirt all day, and it was so very comfortable.  It wasn't stiff at all.  It felt as I had the t-shirt for years.  The durability is really good, it seems as it will take a lot to ruin this shirt!  (Besides spilling mustard on it!)  I washed the shirt like I would any other of my clothing.  The pattern is still there, looking brand new!  It washes and dries very well.  When I wore my shirt all day, I went to a couple of stores to see if anybody noticed it.  I wore the Oregon Trail one out, and people laughed at it, told me they remember the game, and told me I made their day.  Let's just say I didn't make their day- Crazy Dog T-shirts did!

Style & Specifications
Crazy Dog t-shirts come in many, many, many varieties.  There is a t-shirt to fit every mood, personality, and desire.  The t-shirts are fitted for Men, Women, and Kids.  Crazy Dog T-shirts also offers the ability to create your own custom T-shirt!

I must say that I really enjoyed reviewing these t-shirts.  It was quite fun.  To summarize, buying a t-shirt from Crazy Dog T-shirts is swell, however it is SUPER difficult to choose just one.  The shirts fit great, and wash well.  Lastly, if you decide to order as a gift, please be sure to let them know and discuss different packing options so your t-shirts arrive looking their best!

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Total Stars:  5 out of 5

Disclaimer:  I have not received any monetary compensation for review of this product.  I received the product above for review, however the ideas expressed above are solely mine, and honest opinions.


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