23 October 2010

Saving Saturday. . . Coupons!

A lot of people ask me, "Where do you get all of your coupons?"  Well, I am going to answer that!

There are a couple of places that I get coupons:

(1) SmartSource (SS) Insert 
                - This is found in your Sunday Newspaper.
(2) Red Plum (RP) Insert
                - Usually comes Midweek, in the mailbox.  I have seen them in the Sunday paper, too.
(3) All You Magazine  (AY)
                - This is a Walmart Only magazine.  Personally, I subscribe to it. 
(4) Parade Magazine 
                - This comes in the Sunday paper. Sometimes there are high value coupons.
(5) Coupons.com -or- Rightathome.com
                - Awesome websites allow you to print directly to a printer at home!

The best advice I can give you, is to start collecting coupons ASAP.  Especially the inserts.  If you don't subscribe to the Sunday paper, you can go buy one, or if you are just in it for the coupons, check out this link:  

This website provides whole coupon inserts for about $0.45.  It's wonderful!  It's also a great place to start your stock up.

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