25 October 2010

Product Review - Healthy Choice Steamers - Garlic Herb Shrimp

For lunch today, I decided I'd try the Healthy Choice Steamers - Garlic and Herb Shrimp frozen meal. I'm going to rate my reviews on a scale of 1 to 5 stars.  Let's take a look at the results:

Upon sight, it looks delicious!  The outer packaging is very attractive, and it looks like a healthy meal.  The inside packaging was nice also, they provide one with a sturdy bowl for the meal, rather than the flimsy plastic trays most companies offer.

Ease of Use
Compared to other cook-n-go meals, this one was VERY easy.  There is no plastic cutting, film slitting, etc.  You literally just put it in the microwave, set the timer for 3 1/2 minutes, and then it is DONE.  Very easy, very efficient.

Overall, the taste  was good.  That's all I give it.  A good.  In the picture, it looks as if there is a sauce that covers all of the 'stuff'.  Well, there is, but it is more like water with a few herbs in it.  The asparagus tasted very fresh, the shrimp was great, noodles cooked well, and zucchini was amazing.  I just wish that the 'sauce' was all encompassing like the picture claims. The meal has only 260 calories and 7g of fat.  That is pretty good for an entire lunch!

I paid only $1.50 for this meal.  I'd say it was a terrific value.  I was full afterwards and I felt that I chose a healthier option with my $1.50.  Plus, they were NOT skimpy on the meat.  Most frozen meals do not give you very much meat, so I was expecting 2-5 shrimp in the whole meal.  I had about 10-11.

Overall, I'd definitely buy Healthy Choice Steamers - Garlic Herb Shrimp again.  It was delicious, and a great value.  The only thing is the sauce was a bit watery.

Total Stars:  4 out of 5


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I enjoy these Steamers - I'd like to try this one!

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